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New Battle Beat Trailer!

Saturday, October 31st, 2009

I’m happy to announce a new trailer for Battle Beat, showing off new graphics, more songs, new minigames and new enemies. The game is coming along quite nicely and I’ve gotten some great feedback on it so far. Should be an interesting release! I’ve also submitted the game to the 2010 IGF competition, so here’s hoping I do well in that too.

Pumpkin Carver shocking in Shocktober!

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Cool news again for Pumpkin Carver. Microsoft decided to feature it in their Shocktober section of the XBox dashboard as a holiday promo! Hopefully this will give Pumpkin Carver a bit of a “rise from the grave” before Halloween, since it’s a nice spot to promote for people to get their hands on it. Just when I thought Pumpkin Carver had run its course, they pull it back into the game! 🙂

And I’m in good company too! Since Pumpkin Carver came out, another developer named MatthewM has released his well-made pumpkin carving app Pumpkin Chop which has also found a place in the Shocktober promo. It’s awesome to see Microsoft promoting these seasonal Indie games/apps and I’m glad to be part of it. Also if you’ve already checked out Pumpkin Carver, and perhaps want to try something a bit more “advanced” (cut by cut instead of interchangeable pieces) I do encourage others to check out Pumpkin Chop, as Matthew did quite a fine job on it!

Pumpkin Carver released!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

I hinted at a new game last post, and it’s just now got approved, so I am happy to announce the release of my new XBLIG Application, Pumpkin Carver! It’s a fun toy that lets you design your own jack-o-lantern. I figure it would be fun for children to play with, or for someone to use as a “spooky screensaver” on their TV at a Halloween party. It’s like using your TV as a decoration! Anyway, it was a really short development cycle on this game, but fun none the less. A good change of pace to be able to get something on the market so quickly, and I even had fun doing the art for it. Anyway, if you want to check it out, click on the box art below, and feel free to leave comments as per usual!

Pumpkin Carver