Gee, can I just start posting Mount Your Friends videos I find?

I’ve been enjoying the coverage of Mount Your Friends so far, and was shocked when I saw heavy hitter youtuber pewdiepie play my game. That gave me warm fuzzies and so I want to share his video and some others I’ve found so far.

But before that, I want to share a short story about the game’s development. Before I released the game and made my GreenLight, Mount Your Friends was a 2 day jam game called “Over My Dead Bodies”. It was a competitive multiplayer game I had no intention of selling. Halfway through development I added the “feature” that everyone finds so amusing though a physics tool I had made to speed of my game development. Unforunately… there was a small bug. And by “bug”, I mean “OH GOD IT’S SPINNING UNCONTROLLABLY AT 100 MPH” to the point that it would drag the player’s body through its spinning. When that happened I just had a mental breakdown, spending the next 10 minutes laughing into my laptop as a larger and larger crowd of fellow game developers formed around me. It was at that point that I KNEW I had to release this game publicly. It has been a PR flurry today and I’m so happy about that.

Also some quick self pimping! Sorry!
If you have an XBox and want the game, get it here

And if you want to help me get on Steam, vote for it on Greenlight here



UberHaxorNova (omg I love that video icon!)


and my own follow-up to Greenlight comments

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    he’s cute :O

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