Mount Your Friends Patch 1 plans

Thanks everyone who’s tried Mount Your Friends so far and voted for it on Greenlight to help us get Mount Your Friends on PC! This has all been great!

I’ve been in a flurry of press work and actual patch work for the game, so I wanted to talk about a few things that will be added next patch. I’ve got a LOT more plans but I can’t announce them all yet, because they are *surprises*. Right now though, I’ve got a bunch of UI tweaks I need to do so that people know how to exit out of the online lobbies (it’s the back button), as well as some small details like better conveyance to players that they are on a timer, and when their turn times are running out. I also know some people dislike the “Start” to end turn, and I’ll try to add more valid buttons to end turns (likely shoulders). I know that sounds a bit bland and dull, but it helps players… oh and also


I’ll try to get a trailer for that out later, as well as one last SUPER SECRET new mode (which I haven’t started programming yet but should ideally be easy to implement.

But for now, check out another video from JSmithOTI who I sent a “special build” of Mount Your Friends to

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2 Responses to “Mount Your Friends Patch 1 plans”

  1. Chris Walter Says:

    Im really excited for the UI patch, this game could use a facelift!

    that being said i have to say this is the best indie game i have ever purchased and i have coerced over 10 of my friends to buy it as well who have all played it excessively. Thank you for this magnificent game!

    If i could add a suggestion to your patch list or maybe strike up a debate with you Daniel, im not a fan of the instant win via blocking off the edge of the screen. I am not sure if this was an intended feature but it seems unneccesary and distracts from the main goal of creating a massive tower. extending the locked zones up higher could be a quick fix

    Also (and sorry if i am dragging on) i would like to make note of a very rare glitch that i ran into one game that i cant reproduce, one of my appendages would lock into the stick position even on thin air.

  2. SH Says:

    Great game. I’ve also convinced quite a few of my friends to purchase this.

    That said, I strongly disagree with the chap above in regards to removing the ability to block someone via building toward their edge. That particular strategy is highly effective against the beginners, yes, but once you come up against a more polished player it becomes quite challenging.

    As far as menu changes go an ‘Exit To Dashboard’ option is a must.

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