Mount Your Friends Cameos

Are you a fellow game dev, youtuber, or just a fan who wants to see others they follow in Mount Your Friends? Well, in the next update that may be possible! Check out for my plans to add more new outfits in my next update to the game and how to contribute! Spread the word to those you want in the game, and thanks for being such great fans! Makes me feel all warm and special.

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3 Responses to “Mount Your Friends Cameos”

  1. owen Says:

    just keep the normal heads, and add more game modes like missions and co-op. great game just needs more things to do, not more costumes

  2. carl Says:

    I actually love the new costumes,but this game needs 4 players on LIVE and more things to do.

  3. Jon Says:

    what it needs, truely needs, is an ELO system.

    Make this game somewhat competitive so i dont have to search for hours for any real competitors….

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