Mount Your Friends featured on The Greenlight and an incoming patch for XBox


So yesterday Mount Your Friends had the great honour of being featured on The Greenlight, a show done by Jesse Cox and Josh Mattingly about games on Steam’s Greenlight Service. I’m a big fan of both their channels and was ecstatic to have my game played by them.

I also have been working on finishing off the CAMEOS patch I have been promising since last month, and it’s FINALLY in Peer Review for XBox. Hopefully it will be public within a week so that everyone can customize their climbing team on the XBox! We’ve got some great cameos and surprises in this patch, and I’m so happy about some of the people participating.

So if you haven’t, vote for the game on our greenlight page, and if you have an XBox go ahead and get the game itself! I’ll be biting my nails watching how I’m doing on my XBox Peer Review, and Greenlight progress while trying to start another new game I’m excited about, but can’t talk about yet! (*shhh! SECRET GAME PROJECTS afoot!)

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3 Responses to “Mount Your Friends featured on The Greenlight and an incoming patch for XBox”

  1. PCMcGee Says:

    O’hura, see if you can translate this.

    Affirmative Captain,

    Computer says;
    “Try to put screenshots with your product in the marketplace, it helps with purchasing decisions.

    Don’t let your children play video games for long hours, it corrupts thier minds.

    Your games are really great, thank you for all you do!”

    Message ends, sir.

  2. Sarah Says:

    I am sure this game is fun for adults but I had gotten it for kids at my sons birthday party. I found the game too graphic for kids. Most of them were embarrassed and didn’t want to play. I removed it from our Xbox. The “swinging appendage” shown on the characters is over the top even for me! . I was really disappointed for the game looked like fun.

  3. Richard Thompson Says:

    Sarah, there is a Not Safe For Work mode that dresses all characters. Perfect for younger fans or a semi-professional setting.

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