Mount Your Friends Cameo Patch released!

The cameos patch for mount your friends has come out finally and is available on the XBox Live Indie Games version of the game.

Along with my own set of generic outfit pieces you can find a code for at the game’s Greenlight page there have been many codes cameoing various youtubers and game developers. I’ll release some of them over time, but if you’re looking for more codes now, you might want to find the tweets of people like Droqen, Bennett Foddy, Damian Sommer, David Gallant, JSmithOTI, and today’s Good Morning Gato from Ska Studios. There are quite a few more out there still. Perhaps you can find them yourself? Or perhaps the people they belong to will reveal themselves eventually ;). Hope you all enjoy customizing your climbers!

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5 Responses to “Mount Your Friends Cameo Patch released!”

  1. Jstylz Says:

    New clue for codes? It is really hard to find

  2. MrRef Says:

    Awesome! Love the ones so far, can’t wait for the rest of the NLSS crew as well. 😀

  3. Kyle Says:

    how do you equip your team for use online and such? i havent figured it out 🙁

  4. 2525 Says:

    I know this game recently.
    In Japan, this game has been popular.

  5. FractalDream Says:

    Is it likely or even conceivable to make it possible to add user-made images with the xbox version? The humor in having a game with friends using your own faces is just priceless on the PC.

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