Creative overload

Tank Strike is still going strong, and if you’re on this blog and haven’t bought tried Tank Strike yet, well then what are you waiting for?

Did I mention I love when people talk about me online? Andrew Carlson from ExL Studios recently ran an e-mail interview with me about Tank Strike which you can read here, and I didn’t hold back ranting about myself. If you want the quick run-down of the most important parts I think I made… one is I don’t like how XBLCG’s game lifecycles aren’t long enough (when they fall off new games they often disappear into obscurity) and the other is I wish there were most podcasts by game developers.

Speaking of podcasts, if everything goes according to plan and I don’t get bumped to another day, I will be on the Dead Pixel Live podcast tomorrow between 7:30 and 8:00 PM EST. Keep yourself tuned in for that!

I’ve also started on my next project for XBLCG. It’s not set in stone yet, but I’ve spent the past few days going through various ideas I’ve come up with, and measuring up which ones have potential for a good game. I may even enter it into Dream Build Play this year. It’s surprisingly stressful to choose what game to make because there is such a variety I’ve gone through. Some games are very creative, but run the risk of myself being the only person who would know how to play them, while others walk the line of even being considered proper games! Fortunately I have lots of people that I can bounce ideas off of, even if it’s just to walk through the reasons I want to do a particular game for myself. It really helps me decide what games would play up to my strengths as a developer, and which have the most success in being picked up by others. I won’t be announcing what game I chose to do yet, but over time all will be revealed.

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