In interesting company

So, as I eluded to previously, I was on the Dead Pixel Live podcast yesterday. If you’d like to hear me, and my odd, undefinable “accent” the episode is now online and you can listen to it here. It’s my 30 minutes of “fame”. I also got hitched to a good episode, because later on the DPL crew also had an interview with Dan Hsu. Quite a busy night I ended up missing a IGDA meeting I had intended to attend!

Along with the podcast interview, there also another e-mail interview online at xblratings.

On XBox Live Community Games, sales are still going well so far which makes me happy. There was a slight boost yesterday in my sales, which I think I can chalk up to Blueprint Racer now being gone from the service. I know the game was successful, but I’m glad to see it’s gone. It was a success based on someone else’s efforts, and even though the MS terms of use may have allowed this mod to be put out, I think there should at least be a value-add to such a project if you’re going to resell someone else’s hard work.

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  1. auntie rosalie Says:

    Great work and fantastic graphics. Even I found it addictive..looking forward to your next game

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