What is it?

Tank Strike is a turn-based artillery game allowing up to 8 friends to battle it out. Compete in a variety of unique landscapes customized for your play style. Demolish your foes with a variety of weapons. With tons of options to play the game, Tank Strike is fun for both new players and hardcore artillery fans.

Tank Strike: It'll blow you away... with explosions...

What does this game look like?

Tank Strike Screenshots are HERE!

There's also videos!

Where can you get such an amazing game?

XBox Live Community Games or, as the cool kids say, XBLCG! Nestled in the Community Games section of the XBox Live Marketplace, is a magical land where you can find tons of fresh, independently developed games, including Tank Strike! Find us in Community Games and download a trial.

What's that? There's also another, super-secret way that no one really uses to get games on your XBox as well! You can queue Tank Strike to download directly to your XBox from your web browser. Technology is quite amazing.

Who wrote this crazy page?

Tank Strike was written by one lone programmer, toiling away his nights in a dark basement workspace, and that man... is Daniel "Stegersaurus" Steger! If you'd like to know more about me, the games I've created, or just want to read my blog to see what I'm working on currently it's easy! Just go to Stegersaurus.com for all those great things! Or contact me directly at daniel@stegersaurus.com

Tank Strike and Stegersaurus.com is owned by Stegersaurus Software Inc.