Name: Daniel Steger

Summary of Qualifications
Software Engineer with extensive experience in game development completing a variety of large and small scale projects. A self-starter who understands the needs of users and improves a product based on user feedback. A highly active member of the Toronto game development community who has spoken at many local game development events.

Independent Game Development for XBox Live Indie Games (2009-present)
Extensive use of C# in development of XBox Live Indie Game titles
Utilized both 2D and 3D graphics interfaces of XNA to develop games and applications
Multithreaded development to help balance performance between XBox360 cores
Created extensive, platform specific optimizations to enhance XBox360 performance
Developed custom animation and data management systems using XML
Held focused playtest sessions for analyzing game balance and interface issues
Presented at GamerCamp, and the IGDA Toronto branch about XNA game development and the XBox Live marketplace
Designed and implemented unique gameplay mechanics
Was featured by Microsoft in a holiday themed game promotion

Rockstar Games Toronto (2008)
Game Programmer for GTA4 (PC)
Collaborated between multiple teams to help integrate various new game functions involved in video editing into centralized interfaces
Worked within a large internal C++ code base, modifying and expanding engine functionality to better support the PC platform
Updated the GTA4 menu systems to support mouse cursor interaction
Integrated interactive web browser functionality into the DirectX based game environment for use in the game's menu systems
Worked on player video editing tools used for timeline and clip editing of gameplay sessions
Assisted in communication between saved game data and web servers to upload custom videos created by players
Worked with testers and designers to better understand the needs of the project

IBM (2006-2007)
DB2 Automated Test Development
Used C, C++, Java, and Perl to develop a variety of test units
Explored a large variety of SQL functionality through a variety of interfaces to fully test new DB2 features
Helped debug and track down the sources of failed test units
Managed a small team of students in the development of a variety of test units

Graduated with High Distinction from University of Toronto (2008)
Computer Science, Software Engineering Specialist
Final GPA: (Available upon request)

Other Experiences
Worked in a team of 3 to develop Maya plugins for the short animated film The Spine by Oscar winner Chris Landreth
Worked within a team of 5 developers throughout the design and prototyping of a device designed for entertaining children traveling on long flights
Made games and animations utilizing OpenGL, as well as higher level graphics engines such as Ogre 3D
Collaborated with fellow programmers and artists on development of multiple small game projects (see for details)
Familiar with design principles such as iterative design and extreme programming
Employs E/R diagrams, UML diagrams, Design Patterns, and Relational Calculus and Algebra

Accomplishments and Awards
Awarded second place in a design competition judged and sponsored by IBM representatives for group's design of a device made for entertaining traveling children
Won second place in automated speed scrabble competition based on team's success in creating a highly competitive and efficient speed scrabble client
Received the New College Council In-course scholarship worth $1000.00 based on academic excellence
Presented at various game development events such as GamerCamp, Gamecamp Toronto, and the IGDA
Former executive member of the University of Toronto's Game Programming Club, responsible for creating advertisements for meetings and organizing events to attract new members

Interests and Extracurricular activities:
Practices in life-drawing, illustration, sculpture, and 3D character modeling