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It’s a little guy!

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

Just throwing up a sculpture pic today. I’ve been working on this little guy for a bit to get back into the habit of sculpting. Apparently I have a habit of making characters with large arms, with tight shoulders and skinny legs. I like how the balance with his back hand came out to keep the figure from falling, but wish I had done a tighter job in a few places (The fist and some aspects of the face specifically). I think I want to get my characters to have a little more emotion in their expressions, as the face ended up pretty generic. Feel free to provide your own feedback if you have any. I do try to take into consideration all opinions that come my way. Same goes for camera-work if you’ve got any tips. Using a camera is kinda new to me so I don’t think I’m getting the best shots out of it.

guy with hoodie

Who got art in my games blog?

Sunday, July 6th, 2008

As those who have talked with me recently know I’ve been considering expanding this blog beyond the scope of games, and using it to post some of the artwork I do in my spare time. This is a combination of my own self-interest in showing my art around to more people, as well as wanting to be able to make relevant posts more often. To me this blog works to an extent as a form of practice in improving my writing skills. In my work and everyday life I tend to not write in long form often. I was concerned about the decision to have both my interests in games and art in the same space without the art being relevant to games because I feared the lack of focus would drive people away who were interested in games, but not so much in art. I decided to move ahead anyway because I feel that this blog is more for myself than for the readers and because, to be quite frank about it, I don’t think my readership is vast enough to care. I get some hits from my friends, and some hits when I link to my blog from various forum posts. It’s not a vast audience I should be concerning myself over here. I thank you for coming and reading my posts, but there’s no reason for me currently to cater to any particular group.

Long story short, I’m going to try to start posting my art regularly as well as any rants I have to make. This may mean eventually adding a new page for a gallery, but at the moment you’ll have to be content with my little sketches that end up in posts. Feel free to critique or comment about them.

Here’s some work I did recently. I’ve been practicing with my tablet in black and white forms to try and loosen up my style a bit more with varying results.
These are various robot poses based on my robots from

waving guy
Just a guy. He’s a bit stiff, and feels kind of like clipart to me

An orc. I like it, but I know I spent too much time making clean, sharp lines and not enough time on anatomy and the pose itself.