Random review! Eurogamer 8/10!

Looking up Tank Strike today I ran across a lovely review of a few XBox community games on eurogamer, including of course a review of Tank Strike. It’s not just great to see my game getting a good review, but it’s good to see that more sites are starting to pay attention the XBox community games, because it makes us a more viable platform. From the start a lot of people have been saying that community games are largely ignored, but that trend seems to be starting to change. We’ve had a few harder-hitters on community games who have shown that developers can make a popular title for the service, albeit it’s still rare to release a game/application that pays off versus the time you’ve invested in it, but that’s applicable to other platforms as well. Not every iphone game is Flight Control after all. You need the right blend of marketing, gameplay, and polish to really do your games justice, and really take a good shot at this market. I’m currently working on my next project right now, and I do hope that I do it justice.

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