IGDA, why do you continue to dissapoint me?

I’m definitely getting tired of seeing the IGDA board of directors do things that I really don’t agree with, but this is getting ridiculous.

If you’ve seen the various articles at TigSource and Finger Gaming and even on the IGDA forums you know what I’m talking about.

Tim Langdell, who is a board member of the IGDA, seems to have been for quite some time now using a trademark on the term “edge” to go after various projects by other companies. The most recent case being the pulling down of a popular and well made iPhone game called Edge. Of course, the word edge is a common English word, and to not only trademark it in association with entertainment, but to go after companies that use it to try and squeeze out licensing rights seems downright ridiculous to me. At some points this seems like a parody to me more than real news. This is a company who’s website posts about a new upcoming game called “Mirrors”, in which they put their company name in big block text below with tiny text that says “a new game from” so that it ends up looking like it’s EA’s titled game Mirror’s Edge instead. They seem to take pride in not creating, but licensing the term edge to movie titles and comics. It’s beyond astounding, and I don’t see why someone like this should be on the board of directors of a group that’s supposed to represent the fair treatment of independent developers with such exploitative practices.

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3 Responses to “IGDA, why do you continue to dissapoint me?”

  1. Joe Says:

    Ah man that’s cold. I dont know this guy from Adam, but from what I read he was one of the first indie game publishers back in the late 70s and has funded over 180 indie game developers to get their start in the industry. EDGE is the only indie game developer/publisher left from the 1980s from what I can see. All his company has been doing is protecting and enforcing their trademark EDGE that they own along with Future Publishing. And you think its cool to attack him for that? Even though every court, every trademark office, and big companies like Namco all agreed he was right? Not cool man, not cool. And I checked, looks to me like they were developing their game Mirrors way before EA announced Mirror’s Edge so if they are annoyed about that then maybe they have a right to be. Big company tramples on small indie developer and indie developers support big guy and dump on indie developer … yeah, that makes so much sense. Way to go supporting the IGDA and indie developers man. And saying Edge and Future can’t protect the word EDGE but Apple can protect APPLE? Yeah that made a bunch of sense too.

  2. Daniel Steger Says:

    The majority of his business seems to me to be less about funding indie game developers (and the number of games he’s funded is questionable at best, as you have already seen elsewhere) and more about protecting the use of a common english word in the entertainment business. It’s not “every court” and everyone else that has agreed with the trademark. It’s that companies don’t want to waste their resources on going to court against trademark trolls so they roll over if the price is low enough for them. The U2 case for The Edge was fought and dismissed so clearly it’s not an “every court” case as you claim.

    And as for Apple? They protect their rights to a reasonable degree. You can’t go calling yourself Apple Computers, but they don’t abuse ownership of the common english word of “apple”. They don’t go suing Applebees for having Apple in their name. The trademarking of common English words is ridiculous anyway and should NOT be allowed and should be considered an abuse of the trademark system. In other words, I don’t think trademarking edge should even be allowed, whether he has it or not it may simply be a remnant of the old, broken trademark system.

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